Vertical Roller Mill Opertation

The vertical roller mill has a modern hydraulic system used in operation and for maintenance alike, The segmented wear parts of the grinding table are replaced, using a lifting device and the maintenance drive. Moreover, the rollers can be swung out separately. Hence grinding operation can be continued while maintenance work is done.

Vertical Roller Mill Opertationing Animation

Vertical Roller Mill Opertation

Vertical Roller Mill Operation Data

  • Low Operation Cost
    Because the rollers do not rub the grinding plate directly and both of them adopt the finest material, the service life is extended and the abrasion is reduced;
  • High Efficiency
    Rollers grind the material on the grinding plate directly, reducing 30% ~ 40% energy consumption compared to ball mill.

Vertical Roller Mill Operation Manual

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the fasteners of the vertical roller mill are firm and avoid production failure due to loose parts.

Second, check the internal structure of the seal, slag vertical mill using a closed milling system to achieve a dust-free production process. Therefore, checking the internal structure of the equipment can prevent air leakage, leakage of material, leakage of oil, etc.

Last, check whether the cooling water system and the water spray system are normal before starting the machine. The cooling water can cool the equipment in the production process to ensure the normal operation of the vertical roller mill.

Vertical Roller Mill Operation PDF