Ultra Fine Grinding Mill For Quartz

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill For Quartz

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill For Quartz Business Project

Material: Quartz

Finished size: 600 mesh -800 mesh

Equipment: XZM ultrafine mill production line

Capacity: 8-10 T/H. Annual production of 60,000 tons.

The production line adopts a totally enclosed design. The equipment possesses advanced technology and is equipped with a soundproof building and a dust treatment system. It effectively controls noise pollution and dust pollution, and achieves zero pollution and zero emission production requirements. It not only solved the customer's desire to produce stone powder in a government-regulated industrial park, but also helped the company win the title of a "benchmark company" issued by the government and further expanded its influence.

What benefits Quartz ultra fine grinding mill can bring to you

  • According to the actual demand of mining production, pay attention to the reasonable matching of equipment;
  • Through technological innovation, realize the mechanization and automation of mining;
  • Advanced design process, strong structural.