Tin Smelting Process Diagram

Tin is one of the earliest found and used metals. Because of its ductility, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, fusible, and small friction coefficient, tin and tin alloys have wide applications in many industries, such as modern national defense, modern industry, advanced science and technology and human life etc. To get tin from tin mine, we need beneficiation equipment. In this article, we mainly talk about the tin smelting process diagram.

Tin Smelting Process Diagram

The beneficiation method of alluvial tin ore is similar with beneficiation method of alluvial gold ore. Generally, we adopt gravity beneficiation method and gravity beneficiation equipment to process alluvial tin ore. For the alluvial tin ore with high mineral liberation degree, we can screen, wash and beneficiate it to get better beneficiation index. For the alluvial tin ore with low mineral liberation degree, before beneficiation, we need to grind the tin ore to break the structure of intergrowth in order to improve the recovery rate and the concentrate taste.

Tin Smelting Process Diagram

The gravity beneficiation of alluvial tin ore is on the basis of the working principle of gravity beneficiation, classifying the tin and barren rock according to their different gravities. Since the gravity of tin is heavier than the gravity of barren rock, so we can adopt gravity beneficiation to achieve good beneficiation result. At the same time, gravity beneficiation features high efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly etc. customers only need to invest relatively low capital. All these advantages make gravity beneficiation the ideal beneficiation method for tin mine.

The main equipment in gravity beneficiation of tin mine is jigging machine. But sometimes, in order to improve the recovery rate of fine particle sized tin ore, we need shaking table. The process flow of tin mine gravity beneficiation is: screening- jigging machine-dewatering. For tin mine with low mineral liberation degree, we generally need process flow with twice gravity concentration: screening- jigging machine- grinding mill- jigging machine- dewatering.

Gravity beneficiation method is the present ideal and efficient beneficiation method to process tin mine. It is widely used in alluvial tin mine beneficiation plants and tin mine ships.