Low Intensity Magnetic Separator

In order to facilitate customer choice and maintenance of low-intensity magnetic separator, Zenith technician summarizes some factors influencing the effect of magnetic separator, as well as some precautions and maintenance matters when using low intensity magnetic separator.

Factors Influencing The Effect Of Magnetic Separator

  1. 1. the most important factors that influence the effect of magnetic separator magnetic separator is fed into the feed size . For most of the ore , the ore marked degree of monomer size that magnetic separation of mineral particles and gangue particles are separated from the ore thickness granularity . If you give into small ore particle size , indicating a high mineral monomer separation , sorting to obtain satisfactory indicators ; If you give into relatively coarse granularity of ore , minerals did not fully explain the dissociation of monomer separation is not high, even with the larger body. Because even with the body also has a magnetic, which makes the concentrate grade is reduced. Therefore, the requirements to enter the mineral separator must fully meet monomer separation. For coarse-grained disseminated ore and gangue minerals as long as the monomer separation has been reached on the line, not necessarily size too small.
  2. 2. the impact of magnetic separator another factor is the effect of pulp density , it mainly refers to the size of the overflow concentration grading . If the pulp density is too large, resulting in sorting the concentration is too high, it will seriously affect the quality of concentrate . Because the particles tend to be smaller ore gangue particles and parcel sorting cover does not open , the election came together to make the grade is reduced. Pulp density is too small that sorting concentration is too low , the flow rate increases would cause shortening of inter- sorting , so that some had a chance to be up in the tiny magnetic particles fall into the tailings grade tailings increased losses. So, pulp density adjusted according to need good .

Low Intensity Magnetic Separator Precautions And Maintenance Work

During normal operation, the main attention is to disperse water areas , unloading ore wash water control ; attention magnetic declination adjustment will be adjusted to the best suitable magnetic state ; low intensity magnetic separator operator should be able to more accurately grasp the magnetic Select pulp concentration changes .

  1. 1. to maintain good lubrication state, which is to extend the life of an important part. Open gear should always maintain sufficient lubricant filling hole oiling bearing cover at least once every three months .
  2. 2. always check the cylinder wear layer . Loose or damaged should be repaired , repair damaged tape and cylinder surface with sandpaper should hit the net , and then glue sticky solid.
  3. 3. the welding rod or wire when something like the removal of the slurry always used to prevent over current .
  4. 4. to determine whether a foreign body in the cylinder , you can stop the machine , check the holes at both ends of the observation room .