Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate

Toggle plate is installed between the movable jaw and adjustment base, it supports the bottom of movable jaw and prevents it from falling down. When the toggle plate is destroyed, the movable jaw cannot move on routine track and the whole machine has to break down.

Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate Function

  1. Power transmission
  2. Toggle plate is used to transfer the power, to ensure the moving of movable jaw plate.

  3. As protecting device
  4. When the unbreakable materials into the crushing chamber, the toggle plate will be broken first, so that it can protect other parts of jaw crusher be broken.

  5. Adjust the discharging port
  6. The discharging port can be adjusted by replacing the length part of toggle plate.

Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate Installation

Jaw crusher's toggle plate not only protecting device but also belongs to wearing parts, so it easy to be broke, if the toggle plate worn out or broken , it should be replaced in time , then how to replace it ? Follow the installation instructions:

  1. Loose the spring nut of tension rod, take out of the spring.
  2. Bundle the movable jaw plate lower by chain and steel wire.
  3. Use the professional installation tools and pull the steel wire, make the movable jaw plate close to fixed jaw plate and at the same time toggle plate will fall down.
  4. Take out the old toggle plate, and put the new one into the toggle plate holder.
  5. Then, use the professional tools make the new toggle plate and toggle plate holder closely and firmly.
  6. At last, install the spring and tension rod.

The right installation steps could reduce the influence un-normal work which produced by wrong installation, and also can saving much down time.

Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate Structure

According to the overall structure, toggle plate can be divided into two types: packaged-type and integral-type, most pendulum jaw crusher's toggle plate is packaged-type which made of one toggle plate body and two toggle plate heads .this type is much more easier to replace the wearing toggle plate head , and save lots of easy wearing metal parts. But compound pendulum jaw plate adopts integral toggle plate, as its weight and size are small.