Jaw Crusher's Jaw Plate

Jaw plate is the main wearing part of jaw crusher, which can be divided into fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate, different models jaw crusher has different size jaw plates, Zenith jaw plate made of high manganese steel, ultra-high manganese steel and many other materials, our jaw plates are suitable for all kinds of jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher chamber is composed of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate; the fixed and movable jaw plate should support large crushing force and friction from materials, so they are easy to wear out. in order to protect fixed and movable jaw plates , Zenith Company installed side linings on the surface of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate, and this side lining is also called crushing plate, the shape of the side lining surface is usually like teeth. the teeth angle of side lining is 90°- 120°, its size depends on the nature of crushed materials and fragmentation, the larger materials' size , the bigger angle, the smaller materials' size , the smaller angle.

When processing, the side lining fluctuation two parts' wearing speed are not the same. the lower part wearing speed it much faster than the upper, as it contact the materials directly , and support very large force and friction from materials, the service life time of side lining directly related to the crushing efficiency and the invest cost of jaw crusher. So it is very important to improve the service life time of side lining. So improve the design, materials, composed of the side lining to improve the service life.

The crushing process, the jaw plate is the most easy to wear out, so whether the jaw crusher's quality is good or not, it is depend on the sever life time of jaw plates.

Features Of Jaw Plate

  • Zenith jaw plates are made of manganese alloy; it features high degree of wear-resistant, long service life.
  • Use cold hardening technology, high hardness.
  • Ensure the quality before bring out of the factory.

Jaw Plate Structure

Zenith jaw plate adopt three-part types, its advantages are easy to composed, very convenient to do disassembly. The most important of this design is that the middle part is smaller than the two sides; if the wearing is little; just exchange their position to use it continuously. this way can save lots of invest cost .