How To Start Granite Sand Making Business

Granite has the characteristics of low water absorption, high hardness, high compressive strength, and high specific gravity. It has become the material of choice for railway turnouts and is also an excellent aggregate for high-precision construction projects such as highways and high-speed railways.

Basic Principles of Granite Sand Production Line

  • Multi-stage crushing
  • Handling volume before and after matching
  • Material size before and after matching
  • Discharge port settings
  • Use transfer silo
  • Multi-screen less broken
  • More broken and less
  • Design and install belt conveyor according to output and transportation height
  • Flexible layout on site
How To Start Granite Sand Making Business

Granite Gravel Sand Production Line

The use of cone crusher + sand making machine produces excellent shaped stone particles, which can produce high-quality sand at the same time. From a product point of view, it is more advantageous than other sand making equipment in terms of grain size, output, and stone powder content.