gypsum board production process

Gypsum is an important industrial raw material. As a new type of construction material, gypsum is with the features of lightweight, high strength, thermal insulation, energy and others. Gypsum processing production line includes three steps, they are crushing, screening and grinding. Zenith provides all kinds of ideal gypsum processing machines for customers. In addition, we can tailored a new one with different production processes according to users' needs.

gypsum board production process

These gypsum powder production lines adopted mature and advanced process equipment. First all of, crusher is used to process the large gypsum ore into small sizes, usually within 30mm. After screening, send the part which meets the demand to our ideal gypsum processing machines for grinding. While the rest part will be returned to the former crusher for re-crushing.

gypsum board production process

gypsum board processing machine

You can choose our vertical roller mill as gypsum processing machine. The structure of it is very compact, so the footprint is small. It combines advanced grinding technology and classifying technology. Compared with traditional mill, the capacity of it is large. It adopted material layer grinding principle, which avoided repeated grinding. So the final gypsum powder is with high whiteness and purity.

As an ideal gypsum processing machine, our vertical roller mills have been widely used in quarry over the world. If you want to buy gypsum processing machines, please contact us. We provide all kinds of mining machinery. Of course, if you don???t know which kind of machine is suitable, our professional engineers will give you some suggestions. They can also design a new processing plant for you according to your requirements. As professional mining machinery manufacturer, we believe our products and service will bring you a lot of money. We look forward to cooperating with you.