Gold Ore Processing Plant


Gold ore processing technology is divided into three processes:

First, gold ore crushing

Gold ore crushing equipment consists of jaw crusher, cone crusher. Original ore transported by loading and transporting equipment to gold ore crusher production line. Jaw crusher to feed raw ore which will be broken into small pieces of ore, then crushed by cone crusher, eventually formed about 0-10MM small particles.

Second, gold ore milling

Ball mill is the main equipment in gold ore grinding. In the first step, gold ore has been broken into small particles of about 0-10 mm, has been delivered to meet the gold ore mill - ball mill demand. In the hopper, vibrating feeder at the role of these small particles are uniformly transported to the ball mill grinding and then graded by the grading machine screening, cyclone and other water conservancy facilities, until all the powder to reach the next level gold mine production operations It needs.

Third, gold ore beneficiation

Gold ore beneficiation according to different fineness of gold ore, the choice of different types of gold ore beneficiation process, including: hydrocyclone, flotation machine, leaching tank, thickener and desorption electrolysis system and so on. GOLD powder was purified by concentrating the machine, and with a good chemical solvents mixed into the CIL apparatus system, by the action of the system means that some tailings were excluded, the concentrate is sent to the electrolysis apparatus desorption, and finally through gold smelting to get your target.