Asphalt Crushing Plants In Nigeria

Asphalt Crushing Plants In Nigeria

We offer two different versions- stationery and mobile. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Asphalt Plant that are highly-engineered products, loaded with several advanced features that ensure better efficiency at work. These plants are made to stand all working conditions and offer hassle free durable performance.

One of the keys to the high productivity and efficiency of the mobile cone crushers is the automatic setting system, which optimizes the asphalt crushing process. By continuously measuring and compensating for crusher liner wear, allows for optimal utilization of crusher liners, and schedule liner replacements to coincide with planned maintenance stops, which helps ensure the highest quality end product.

Other key asphalt crushing plant is a tracked jaw crusher that has been purpose designed for the global aggregates industry, allows for enormous rates of production with a 975mm (38") maximum feed size.

These two asphalt crushing plants have Features and Benefits as following:

  1. environmentally-friendly.
  2. adjustable product fineness.
  3. stable operation and advanced capacity.
  4. humanized design and simple operation.
  5. low energy consumption; high working efficiency.
  6. cambered air channel makes low resistance and few blocking.