Artificial Sand Making Machine

According to the source of stone, sand and gravel materials can be divided into natural and artificial aggregates gravel. Natural sand and gravel is a bed of sand or gravel river floodplain because the naturally formed material; rather artificial aggregates are sand and gravel production line through the mountains field stripping, mining and processing of a sand and gravel. Choose natural or artificial aggregates sand and gravel in the actual aggregates production line project, depending on the source material near the project to determine the actual distribution.

  1. 1. Select aggregates production line Natural Aggregate situation: near the project are of acceptable quality, abundant reserves, mining conditions are right, and does not constitute environmental and traffic impacts of the natural waterway river sand and gravel, sand and gravel Select natural materials.
  2. 2. Choose artificial aggregates situation: no natural sand and gravel near the project, or of substandard quality, or a combination of mining and processing transportation costs are higher than artificial aggregates, the Select artificial aggregates.

Choose Gravel Production Line

In actual sand and gravel production line project, the use of natural or artificial aggregates sand and gravel is not a single, immutable, should analyze specific circumstances. May also be pre-selected natural sand and gravel, the latter choice is artificial aggregates. In short, the key is to look at cost, low cost choose which sand and gravel, which should be selected.

However, the current situation, with high-rise buildings going up all over, it requires a lot of sand behind a steady stream of supplies, along with natural sand content plummeted natural, artificial sand production line have on the line. In order to prevent the artificial sand production line caused a serious waste of human, material, and therefore the entire gravel production line configuration, selection, process design is particularly important. Required artificial sand production line equipment generally: jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, feeding machine and belt conveyor. Zenith will according to your actual situation to you with the most suitable artificial sand production line.