Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is adaptable to both stationary and mobile crushing production line, it is widely used in mining, metallurgical and also coal industry to be able to move soft sand or even lump materials, or even packed materials.

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Since invented, belt conveyor is developed and improved constantly, and now become the necessary component of transferring system. It is a kind of mechanical friction drive with continuous way to transport material. In industrial production, the belt conveyor has been widely used, to ensure the continuity and automation production.

Applications of Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor program can work individually or even with each other along with other types of transferring plants. Based on different manufacturing requirements, all the belt conveyor is generally mounted horizontally or aslope. It can be applicable for transforming many kinds of materials, such as the ceramic, bauxite, manganese ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, red iron oxide, zircon sand, slag, porcelain clay, kyanite, fluorspar,pyrophyllite, shale, purple stone, Diego rock, basalt, and thermal insulation materials.

Belt Conveyor Used In Crushing Plant

After primary crushing, the crushed stone will be separated into different sizes by the vibrating screen. The required sizes stone will be transferred to the area for end use, while the big ones will be transferred by the belt conveyor and go into the secondary crusher to crush again. It is obviously that belt conveyor plays a very important role in the crushing plant.

Technical Data

Model  Width*mm*  Inclination*??  Speed*m/s*  Capacity*t/h*  Power*L*30m*
B500 500 0-17 1.0-2.0 100-200 4-7.5
B650 650 0-17 1.0-2.0 190-380 4-11
B800 800 0-17 1.0-2.0 300-600 5.5-18.5
B1000 1000 0-17 1.0-2.0 490-900 7.5-22
B1200 1200 0-17 1.0-2.0 730-1400 11-30

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