Stone Production Line Maintenance

Pay Attention To Daily Operation Skills

To master the correct daily working skills of stone crusher can reduce the wear failure rate and prolong the service life of wear-resistant parts.

For example, when jaw crusher works, jaw plate bolt vibration, nut loosening, make jaw plate worn worse and produce large noise, can cause jaw plate fall off or discount. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of jaw plate, nuts and bolts are often checked to prevent worsening wear, jaw plate loosening and breaking, so as to prolong the service life of jaw plate, reduce costs and improve work efficiency.

Choosing A Professional Manufacturer

Casting wear-resistant parts of the same specification, used in the same cement plant and gravel yard, have different service life because of different quality. Because each manufacturer’s casting technology, chemical matching and the corresponding hardware equipment are different, the quality difference is also large. When choosing the manufacturer of wear-resistant casting parts, we should inspect the factory, including plant management, the number of engineers, equipment and technical level, and also inspect the customer feedback and after-sales service of the crushed stone factory using its products.

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