Sand Washing Plant Processing

The sand is washed to remove fine particles. Washing is done by spraying the sand with water as it is carried over a vibrating screen. The fine particles are washed off the sand and the coarse particles are carried along the screen by the vibration. Some processing operations also use what is called an upflow clarifier to wash the sand.

An upflow clarifier is essentially a tank where water and sand are continuously directed into the tank. The water washes the sand and the overflow water along with the fines overflow the tank while the washed sand falls by gravity to the bottom of the tank and is sent for further processing.

In the washing process, water is added to the sand and is generally pumped to a cyclone for des. The movement of the slurry passing through the pump and pipeline is sufficient to loosen the small amount of fines or clay that are in the ore body. Once the minor amounts of fines or clay have been released from the silica sand they can be removed via a variety of methods.

  • High efficiency, high output and little sand loss during washing
  • reasonable structure, excellent performance. The transmission device isolates with sand and water, which greatly reduces the failure rate.
  • Durability, adaptability and water-saving
  • Easy maintenance, less maintenance cost