Sand Making Machine Manufacturer

Choose a suitable artificial sand making machine

The company’s reputation and public evaluation. For a the reputation is very important, especially what the sales staffs have said must be honored. Otherwise, manufacturers with no credibility will have no good machine.

The company’s pre-sale service is also extremely important. Moreover the contract should be paid special attention and some ill-intentioned manufacturers should be prevented.

The comprehensive evaluation of after-sale service. For some companies the price is indeed lower, but after-sale technical service is very bad. What you have bought is the service and device rather than a mere machine.

Pay attention to the quality and technology of the equipment. Some customers always want to save money and lower the price again and again. As a result, they will choose a sand washing machine with very poor quality, poor after sale service. This is really a pity.

design features and advantages

  • 1. Rotor with deep chamber increases 30% capacity after perfect design.
  • 2. Side plate direction can be changed to increase material utility ratio, operating ratio can be increased 48%.
  • 3. Worn hammer with combined type is only changed to reduce operating cost 30%. Another pair of vice hammer is added to prevent from damaging main hammer and side plate.
  • 4. The most key wear resistant material uses wear resistant and high temperature resistant material in American important area.
  • 5. Rhombus shape impact plate is used to prevent side plate from being damaged.
  • 6. Motor with high grade of protection is selected. The motor has features of high efficiency, low noise, etc.
  • 7. Perfect discharge and smooth curve reduce resisting force when material flows, so capacity is increased greatly.
  • 8. Special seal structure under main shaft guarantee no oil leak without seal.
  • 9. Japanese hydraulic opening cover device is originally imported. The cover is moved easily and inspection of inner part is easy.

sand making machine manufacturer

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