Quartz Grinding Mill For Sale

The hardness of quartz stone is very high, the mill needs to have strong performance and the performance of the finished product is very large. The ultra-fine grinding mill is the best for processing quartz sand, and it is very convenient to use, which is 50% more energy-efficient than traditional toner equipment.

With the application and promotion of ultrafine powder technology, the upgrade of quartz milling technology is a new requirement put forward by the market for ore beneficiation technology. As a material with wide application value in various industries, the fine processing of quartz powder is the trend of the times, quartz powder It has a very low oil absorption rate, mixed viscosity and friction coefficient. Its unique spherical structure has great advantages over similar powders, and its fluidity is higher, which can greatly improve the engineering effect to a certain extent.

After fine-graining the quartz stone by ultra-fine grinding, it can be used as a variety of coatings. The quartz powder can not only improve the performance of the material, but also save raw materials and reduce production costs.

Quartz powder can also be used as a necessary material for high-voltage electric porcelain. The quartz ultra-fine grinding machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the degree of automation control is higher. The ultra-fine mill can meet the customer’s demand for 200-33μm (80-425Mesh) fine powder. The single mill can achieve daily operation for more than 16 hours, and the powder fineness is below 250 mesh. The customer’s quartz powder production line has created enormous economic benefits.