Convert Construction Waste Into Aggregate

Since 2012, Koch has been working to implement a system in Muscatine, to take food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, homes and industrial plants, and convert it into renewable fuel for vehicles. He said switching from gasoline to compressed natural gas (CNG) has become popular in Europe, California and New York, where landfills are full and gas comes at a high cost.

Modern people pay more and more attention to the recycling of waste, and garbage has gradually become a new concern in many industries.

There are many aspects of garbage collection, but in China the garbage classification is not very perfect, most of the garbage is mixed waste, many waste mixed in the pool, causing great inconvenience to the extraction of the favorable resources, so you want to let the effective development of society should refuse garbage classification system, improve the infrastructure of garbage, for construction waste recycling of construction waste crushing machine can be used!