Shanghai Decoration Garbage Will be Sorted

The increasing number of demolition and renovation waste is becoming a difficult problem. Reporters yesterday from the City Landscaping Administration Bureau, Shanghai city will further standardize the construction waste disposal requirements of the district set decoration garbage sorting places, the decoration garbage sorting of different substances must, after sorting according to different categories of resource utilization.

The amount of construction waste in Shanghai has increased year by year, from nearly 22 million tons in 2006 to about 1 tons in 2012. At present, urban centres have been set up corresponding sorting transit places, according to the outskirts of street town also set up transit sorting places, some places have begun to use mechanical transfer sorting sorting, will establish a set of standardized sorting disposal process. In accordance with the relevant planning, different materials sorted according to different categories of classification of resource utilization, including wood and paper can be made into fuel rods, brick stone can be used as road laying, different aggregate after separation can be brick etc..