Construction Waste Become a New Type of Building Materials

In turn become Qianjiang New 2 five, seven, and Fort Fort Fort red May community, about 2 million 600 thousand square meters of the demolition of the building area will bring 2 million 28 thousand tons of construction waste. So much garbage to be thrown into West Lake, almost enough to fill half of West Lake.

How to make more rational use of these construction waste, not only reduce environmental pollution, but also save costs, Qianjiang New Town Investment Group came up with a coup – –

After technical treatment, these wastes, waste materials, sludge and other construction waste can produce recycled aggregate, standard bricks, permeable bricks and other new building materials, and once again invested in the construction of new towns.” In the five Fort community demolition plots, such a can make construction waste to the factory, yesterday officially put into operation.

This factory is the construction waste utilization base of Qianjiang New Town Investment Group. It is also the largest and most advanced construction waste resource utilization project in Hangzhou.

“If the equipment is working properly, from the construction waste to the feeder and then to brick, the intermediate process takes only 3 minutes.”.” The project leader said, according to this situation to count, then every day you can digest 2000 tons of construction waste, and conversion utilization rate as high as 95%.