How To Start Quarry Crusher Business

  1. Select environmentally friendly sand and gravel equipment, including crusher (jaw break, hammer break, roll break, counterattack break, cone break, etc.), sand making machine, feeder, conveyor, vibration screen, sand washing machine, etc., to solve dust and noise problems from the equipment itself;
  2. To design a more reasonable and scientific production line plan, it is impossible to completely solve the pollution problem by choosing environmentally friendly equipment alone. In the design of production line, it is necessary to be reasonable and scientific. It can be equipped with high-standard dust collectors, silencers, conventional sprinkler facilities, etc.
  3.  Environmentally friendly steel can be selected for finished warehouse. Closed, standardized transfer and finished warehouse should be established as far as possible, with less dust.
  4. Sprinkler sewage and sand washing sewage can flow into the sedimentation tank. The water after sedimentation will enter the clean water tank and continue to be recycled for use as sprinkler water.