Cement Production Line in Pakistan

The cement industry in Pakistan is currently operating at their maximum capacity due to the boom in the construction industry. Demand of the cement has a high correlation with GDP, coefficient of correlation found to be 93%. There are four foreign companies, three armed forces companies and 16 private companies listed in the stock exchanges. The industry is divided into two broad regions, the northern region and the southern region.

The northern region has around 80 percent share in total cement dispatches while the units based in the southern region contributes 20 percent to the annual cement sales. In addition, there are many private cement companies existing in Pakistan.

Flowchart of Cement Production Line in Pakistan

Nowadays, for most cement companies in Pakistan, a typical flowchart of cement production line in Pakistan can be briefly divided into the following seven stages:

  1. Procurement of raw materials
  2. Raw Milling-preparation of raw materials for the pyro-processing system
  3. Pyro-processing——pyro-processing raw materials to form cement clinker
  4. Cooling of cement clinker
  5. Storage of cement clinker
  6. Finish milling
  7. Packing and loading

Feeding Machine Used in the Cement Production Line

According to our statistics, customers from Pakistan purchase more feeding machine than other kinds of cement production machine. Typically, in the cement production line, the vibrating feeder is used as the feeding machine, which can send materials to crushers and grinding mills evenly and continuously at the same time, meanwhile, it can screen materials roughly. Each feeding machine made by Zenith adopts the adjustable angle grizzly section. In addition, pan sizes can be varied to suit individual requirements. It is no wonder that our feeding machines are so popular in Pakistan.