Cement Crushing Machine

In 2008, the Nigerian cement industry had an estimated market size of US$2.4 billion, or in terms of aggregate consumption, 13.4 million tonnes, of which 46% (6.2 million tonnes) was produced in Nigeria. Driven by the acute infrastructure deficit and significant demand for housing, domestic production volumes have grown at 25% over the last four years. Given the strong correlation between GDP growth and cement consumption, cement production growth has also been helped by Nigeria’s strong economic performance in recent years. The cement industry has been the best performer alongside conglomerates this year, and from its low point in the spring, has far outstripped the performance of the rest of the market. However, due to backward technologies, cement producers always import a certain number of cement production equipment from overseas market, especially from China, such as crushing machines, grinding machines and packing machinery, etc.

Cement Crushing Machine for Nigeria’s Cement Industry

According to our customers from Nigeria, crushing machines made by China are in great need due to the reason that few companies cannot produce high-quality crushing machines to ensure the need of cement production. Typically, crushing machines used in the cement industry take the role of machines for reducing the size of materials. Nowadays, there are different types of crushing machine used in the cement industry according to varied classification method. When it comes to the flexibility of crushing machine, it can be divided into the stationary crusher and mobile crusher. As for the different working principle, the crushing machines can also be divided into the jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and so on.

Until now, our crushing machines have benefited many cement producers in Nigeria. And we also
established a friendly relationship with local cement investors. To our pride, our cement processing plants have gained a great reputation due to valuable support from our honored customers. If you have some interest in our crushing machines or any other type of cement production machine, please contact us!