Cement Clinker Processing Technology

A wide variety of engineered cement clinker processing machine products that are designed to solve your most challenging applications. Mines and mineral processing plants around the world use our process-proven to handle critical and corrosive chemical applications. The number one concern in mining is safety. The industry demands solutions that will improve the mining environment as well as the bottom line. Zenith works with our customers as a consultant to insure the best solution to their processing machine applications, with a constant eye on keeping with our core values of safety.

Abrasive and often corrosive, mining slurries quickly attack unprotected or misapplied processing machines, pumps and other equipment in mining process line. This creates the need for frequent repairs that lead to unsafe conditions and system downtime. In order to safely minimize abrasion, corrosion and system downtime, Zenith cement clinker processing machines are designed and engineered with specific mining applications in mind. To meet the requirements of each application, Zenith has the ability to manufacture standard and customized, lined and unlined processing machines in a wide variety of materials.

Processing machine

There are many types of cement clinker process machinery to reduce the size of the ore and allow it to pass through to the next stages. These are found in both the primary and secondary milling stages. Some are high pressure grinding mills, autogenous and semiautogenous mills, cone crushers and ball mills.

A typical challenge encountered in the cement clinker mining process is particle settling. This is due to a slow slurry velocity combined with a large particle size (12-18mm). The processing machine may not be able to close because of solids settling at the bottom of the processing machine. This issue is further complicated because most mining operations find that their pumps need to be changed every 1800 hours on average. If you can’t close the processing machine you can’t isolate the pump.