Basalt Crushing Production Line Turkey

Material: basalt, less than 800mm

Processing capacity: 500t/h

Equipment configuration: jaw crusher, single cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, impact crusher, vibration screen, etc.

1. Compliance with National Environmental Protection Standards

The dry process technology adopted in the whole production line of the project is equipped with dust pollution treatment unit in the process. The pollution problems in the production process are within the scope of control, far below the national emission standards. Professional engineers have carried out a one-to-one process design and implemented it in strict accordance with the national environmental protection emission standards.

2. Good granularity and high efficiency of products

After professional analysis of raw materials required by customers, the project adopts a scientific and reasonable process plan for production. The equipment has stable performance and can produce finished products whose gradation and fineness modulus meet the national standards for aggregate.