Ash Fly Production Line

Zenith machines and systems have proved to become trustworthy in mining the hardest minerals, even underneath extreme operating conditions. The substantial know-how of our very qualified engineers generates a solid foundation for the construction of such machinery. Rapid delivery and constant superior quality are assured by Zenith’s policy of close cooperation together with the clients and decades of expertise on the computer-aided development, design and manufacture of surface mining equipment and systems.

The whole ash mining course of action usually consists of: milling and flotation. The milling stage refers towards the crushing and grinding. The extracted materials will be sent into jaw crusher for primarily crushing at the mine web site. The crushed supplies are then transported to a mill site for extra crushing, grinding, classification and concentration. The added milling adopts a cone crusher, typically followed by grinding in ball mill.

Grinding can be a wet operation in which water and initial flotation reagents are added to kind slurry. Alternatively, the ore may possibly be fed into an autogenous mill or a semi-autogenous mill. In between every grinding unit operation, hydro cyclones are made use of to classify coarse and fine particles. Coarse particles are returned to the mill for additional reduction. The preferred size on the classified ore is usually about 208mm. Chemical reagents will be applied through flotation separation activities may be added for the ore throughout milling activities. Flotation may be the most commonly applied process to concentrate ash minerals. The impurities are separated in the preferred materials. Then through smelting and concentrator, the finish merchandise can get.


  • Optimum adaptation towards the geological and technical requirements of earthworks and surface mining operations;
  • Low investment;
  • The usage of proven and standardised structural elements;
  • High availability;
  • Easy upkeep;
  • Low operating expenses.