Aggregate Quarry Plant in UAE

Quarries are used to extract minerals and raw materials from the ground. Whereas mining uses shafts and tunnels dug underground to extract its products, quarrying opens up the land and removes raw materials from much nearer the surface. Although this procedure has been derided as damaging and unpleasant, quarrying does have its advantages and, if handled correctly, will create minimal disruption and actually benefit the local area. Quarrying rocks and aggregates has been an important resource for building human infrastructure for long history.

Modern Rock Quarry Techniques

Most modern rock quarries remove the soil or mountain side to get to the hard rock underneath. The hard rock is then broken off in a “bench” pattern, meaning it is broken off in layers that can be returned to year after year for more quarrying. With each subsequent bench, the mine becomes deeper in the center, with stepped benches reaching up to the surface.

Many modern rock quarries also make aggregates, or small pieces of rock that are used in a variety of construction projects, by crushing large rocks into small pieces. Techniques used for quarrying vary with the nature and location of the deposit. Quarry processing operations may include crushing, screening, size classification, material handling operation etc.

Aggregate Quarry Plant in UAE

In aggregate quarry plant, the raw materials will be first extracted from the deposit by open pit quarrying method. The first processing step is to reduce the diameter of the ore to approximately 1.6 centimeters in the rock quarry crushing machine. Then the materials will be further crushed and screened to separated into different particle size. Large quantities of fines, produced throughout the processing stages, are removed by air classification at designated stages.